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We are committed to complying with our privacy obligations and to ensure that the Product creates a safe environment for students, family members, teachers and any other users of our Product. On this basis, the following summarises our promises to you:
We proudly store all data within Australia.
We do not sell or rent your Personal Information under any circumstances.
We are transparent in our practices.
We are compliant with the Privacy Act.
Use of your information
The Personal Information we collect is necessary or desirable for us to provide you with our Product, which include:
enabling you to use the Product for its intended purpose;
to facilitate the interaction between students, teachers and family members;
assisting in streaming and personalising information for you on the Product;
notifying you about activity on and updated to your account or your child’s account; and
providing educational assessment and curriculum resources to students and teachers.
Do we share your Personal Information?
We do not share your Personal Information except for in extremely limited circumstances, with your consent, which allow us to provide the Product. This includes:
users that you communicate and connect with on the Product;
users that you have given your consent to share your personal information with; and
a small number of third party service providers.
Any information that you post or share or otherwise disclose on the Product will become available to be viewed by other users such as teachers, as controlled by the school administrator and any applicable privacy settings you set.
Teachers control who can see messages and can access a student’s use of the Product.
What information we collect
Account Information:
When you create an account on the Product we collect your name, phone number, mailing or street address, telephone number, profession, occupation or job title, email address and other contact information.
School administrators will also create accounts for teachers and students. Where this is done, with the consent of such teachers and students, we may also collect details provided to us in respect of such users. This includes their email address, student names, pre-existing student identification numbers used by the school and any other information entered by a teacher or student through their account use.
Your activity:
This includes information about your activity while using the Product. This includes when you use the Product to view and interact with content, when you create lists, and any other activity or actions that you take.
Content you post and share:
When you create or share content, or upload content such as images and text in the Product we will also collect this Personal Information. Certain functionality of the Product requires your personal information to function properly, for example in order for us to display the names of students we need to be able to collect this Personal Information.
Content other people post and share:
When other people create or share content that contains information about you we will also collect this information. This includes for example when a teacher shares information about a student.
Participant information:
When you use the Product to create a classroom or school environment, we collect the details of each person added to facilitate the service request.
Financial information:
This includes information such as payment card details and bank account details. We use this information to send to our third party payment gateways.
Contact information:
When you use our Product, for example when you contact us we collect information that enables the Product to be able to be used.
Other information:
We collect other information related to your use of the Product including your device identity and type, I.P. address, geo-location information, page view statistics, advertising data and standard web log information and any other information provided by you to us via our Product. This information is log data that is provided to us from your use of the Product which we may use for the purposes of sending you customised information and as set out below.
Do we sell your Personal Information?
We will never sell or rent your Personal Information or otherwise set up ways to sell this Personal Information.
Contact us
Enquiries, concerns or complaints regarding this privacy statement are welcome. Please contact us at:
Privacy Officer
1300 449 025


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